My goal is to empower people to find peace and wellbeing and to find relief from stress, anxiety and depression.


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In a world that often feels in crisis and full of heightened anxiety, stress and depression, life seems to have become even more challenging than ever. Generally, we are able to manage these challenges unaided. Sometimes, however, we may need some support and help.

I see counselling as a tool to help overcome anxiety, stress and depression and as a way of creating change towards living a happier, more enriched, fulfilled and meaningful life.

By making links between past experiences and present thoughts, feelings and behaviour, counselling can help you to break free of unhelpful habits and unhealthy patterns of relating. We are all unique human beings and my service will be tailored to meet your individual needs.


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I offer clinical supervision working with other counsellors and therapists, and also non-clinical supervision, working with professionals and managers from schools and businesses.

With newly qualified counsellors, I have often found that there are lots of misconceptions about what supervision is with fears about one’s work being scrutinised.

Supervision is a supportive environment encouraging professional growth and development. It is a process that enables individuals to reflect on and develop their knowledge, skills and competence. Supervision can help identify areas for improvement, providing valuable space to reflect on any tricky areas of work.

Mindfulness Meditation

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More and more people are learning the skills of meditation as a way of supporting their health and wellbeing. Our breath is such an amazing tool as it influences our thoughts, feelings and emotions. The way we breathe triggers various divisions of our nervous system – speeding up our breathing to support our body and mind when we are in danger and helping us get to safety, or slowing down our breath to help us recover, rest and repair.

Learning how to use our breath in meditation and in our daily living can enable us to take some control over our nervous system. It can help us to improve our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing helping us to better regulate our emotions, bringing our mind and body into harmony, so that we can live happier, healthier lives.

I run an evidence based eight week Mindfulness Meditation Course. These courses are ideal for anyone but particularly for those experiencing stress, anxiety and depression, whether due to work, relationships or loss. I offer both group courses or 1:1 consultations.